Sunday, 27 September 2015

FO: Granny Heart

Find this project on Ravelry: Granny Heart

This was such a beautiful and quick ornament to hook up! I love it and want to make more of them. If only someone would give me a reason to! I think they'd be fantastic in cotton as coasters, or lots strung up as bunting, or two sewn together to be a tiny lavender sachet, or made in extra bulky they'd be a lovely big cushion.

I made this one for my daughter's bedroom, mostly because I knew I had a little time before she woke up from her nap but not enough to get started on a bigger project.

The big bag of brand new yarn for her room's projects was sitting right there and I was itching to get something done. This fit the bill nicely.

The pattern is Granny Sweet Heart by Nancy L Drew. The colours are so, so pretty - I was almost sad to be limited with a colour scheme! I added a short chain to the back to act as a hanger. It's now sitting happily on my daughter's wardrobe door, bringing a bit of life to a plain white piece of furniture.

Oh, I'll definitely be making more of these.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

FO: Anna's Wreath

Find this project on Ravelry: Anna's Wreath

Here we are - my first finished object! I'm so pleased with this one. I've wanted to make a wreath ever since I saw them on Lucy's fantastic blog over at attic24, but it took me a while to settle on which idea to do first. (I have at least 8 distinct ideas for Christmas wreaths!) Then I saw this beautiful method for covering the wreath in Crochet Gifts magazine and oh, that border sold me. My first wreath would be a pretty, flowery, girlie one for my daughter's bedroom door.

Covering the wreath was easy enough, and I realised once I'd done it that it would be a really easy method to adapt and add any border you like. The hardest bit is keeping track of all the stitches. I have to admit that I gave up on that quite quickly, but as it turned out, I did the right multiple by accident. Happy coincidence!

The border was simple to add and I think it gives it a beautiful edge. I can't wait to make another and try out something different! I did deviate from the pattern just a little bit here - instead of securing and cutting the yarn when I was done, I chained a few extra stitches and secured them in a loop so I had a built-in hanger.

Once the base and border were done, I had a beautiful blank canvas just waiting to be adorned.

I knew I wanted the wreath to be floral, so I started off by flicking through my new copy of Crochet Bouquet, making whichever flowers looked pretty in Anna's bedroom colours. I made a few leaves from the book, too, before heading over to Ravelry to search out more patterns.

In the end I had a small pile of flora and fauna, as well as a tiny bumble bee!

I had originally thought about adding a butterfly but I couldn't quite get the colours to work, so I allowed some yellow and black to sneak into the colour scheme so that this little guy could add some whimsy to the wreath. I think without him the wreath would look a bit formal, which is lovely, but not what I'm going for here. It is for a toddler's room, after all!

It took a little while to arrange everything, and at this stage I was really thankful that I had a polystyrene wreath under there - it made it really easy to pin things down and move them around until I was happy with it.

I really love all of the flowers - it was so much fun making them. I'm already thinking of more ways to use them - garlands, curtain tie-backs, embellishments for blankets and cushions, brooches, hair ties... watch this space, I'm sure some of them will come to fruition.

Once I had the layout done, I had to decide whether to leave them pinned, or sew them down. I elected to leave them pinned - the wreath is currently out of her reach and the pins are in there really firmly, so I don't foresee any problems. I also really liked how the pretty pearl heads looked in the flowers. It's just a shame I couldn't get them all perfectly centered, but the middles didn't give much support as they're almost all worked in the round.

That's it - all done! Just one job left - putting it up.

Doesn't it look darling? I love how inviting her room looks now!

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My name's Vicky, and I've been crocheting since August 2014 - so just over a year, now. I absolutely love it and spend a great deal of my free time thinking about colour combinations, oohing and aahing over patterns, and making big lists of yarn to buy and things to make, some of which I actually get around to doing.

I love to talk about what I'm making, so this is a place where I can do that, even if my stitching friends aren't around.

I'll be updating with all sorts of things - FOs (finished objects), ideas, patterns I spy and love, yarns I'm swooning for, and - if I'm lucky enough to go next year - Unravel, which is a local yarn festival. I'm just starting to design my own patterns, which is great fun - check back here, I'm sure I'll post them all at some point!

You can also find me over on Ravelry - I'm Arlandria606 there.

Here's a bit of a tease - some of the things I've been making recently that I'll be talking about in future:

Happy hooking!