Sunday, 27 September 2015

FO: Granny Heart

Find this project on Ravelry: Granny Heart

This was such a beautiful and quick ornament to hook up! I love it and want to make more of them. If only someone would give me a reason to! I think they'd be fantastic in cotton as coasters, or lots strung up as bunting, or two sewn together to be a tiny lavender sachet, or made in extra bulky they'd be a lovely big cushion.

I made this one for my daughter's bedroom, mostly because I knew I had a little time before she woke up from her nap but not enough to get started on a bigger project.

The big bag of brand new yarn for her room's projects was sitting right there and I was itching to get something done. This fit the bill nicely.

The pattern is Granny Sweet Heart by Nancy L Drew. The colours are so, so pretty - I was almost sad to be limited with a colour scheme! I added a short chain to the back to act as a hanger. It's now sitting happily on my daughter's wardrobe door, bringing a bit of life to a plain white piece of furniture.

Oh, I'll definitely be making more of these.

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