Monday, 19 October 2015

Yarn Rave: Rowan Alpaca Colour

A while ago now, I was in a town I don't often go to for a bra fitting. (Slight tangent: If you wear a bra and haven't had a fitting, I can't recommend it enough. Life. Changing.) Parking in this area is a nightmare - I wonder why I hardly ever go there? - so I left plenty of time and arrived early. Wandering around the shops, I found a homewares shop that looked interesting and went in. What did I spy out of the corner of my eye but a very decently sized yarn section! Over I ran to investigate, and soon I spotted a few things I'd never seen before that I decided to bring home and find something to do with.

One of these yarns was Rowan Alpaca Colour. I normally don't go for alpaca because of the smell when it's wet, but I was running my hand over skeins and this one was the softest thing I've ever touched. I can't adequately describe how luxurious this yarn feels. And the colours! They're really lovely, lots of jewel tones and a beautiful grey. All my favourites. I had such a hard time deciding which colour to get - in the end I went for Agate, a beautiful blue colour, simply because they only had 4 skeins of it left and that seemed like enough to do something with without breaking the bank.

I'm having a really hard time deciding what to do with it now. It's so soft, I think I should do something for my hands so I can feel it. I've got a short list of patterns that might work and I keep checking Ravelry for new ones - hopefully I'll make a decision with time to make them before the really cold weather gets here. I'd better get a move on, it's getting rainy!

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