Saturday, 7 November 2015

FO: Anna's Mandala

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I absolutely love mandalas. They're so quick to work up, fantastic for using up scraps, and the possibilities are endless. Personally I'm a fan of doing them in cotton - it gives great stitch definition. I love using them around the house as big coasters for jugs and vases of flowers.

One of my favourite mandala patterns is from the ever creative Lucy over at attic24. I first made it in Stylecraft Classique Cotton - my favourite cotton yarn so far, it's so wonderfully soft and smooth - and the bright, colourful result lives under a white jug of flowers on my hallway console table. Of course that jug needs a wash every now and again, and while I'm washing it, the mandala sits unrestrained. Anyone could walk along and, if it took their fancy, help themselves to it.

Which is just what Anna does. She grabs it, investigates it, and leaves it in a different, makes-sense-only-to-a-toddler place every time.

So I thought it was time she had her own. Sadly Classique Cotton doesn't come in the right shades for Anna's room, so I tried a new yarn - Drops Muskat. It's a little shinier than the Stylecraft, but it's equally lovely to work with.

The finished article sits under her table lamp in her bedroom. The whole room is starting to come together with all these FOs in there! Perhaps she needs a rug?

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